Video inspection in wells

Inspectia puturilor cu ajutorul unui sistem de inspectie video verticala

Since a water well is often a big investment, a well problem can seriously interfere operations, causing a costly and untimely shutdown and requiring emergency action.

In order to determine the actual condition of the water well, a regular downhole video survey is the appropriate first move.

This tells you what the problem is, where the problem is and helps to determine the proper recovery technique, leading to efficient solutions and significant cost savings.



Number of Lenses/Cameras

The camera housing actually contains two cameras. One is pointing down hole, and the other is a side view. Both cameras rotate 360 degrees. The operator switches from one view to the other with the control box.

Optical Resolution (PAL)

Image Sensor:             1/4″ IL CCD

Resolution:                   vertical ≥ 330 TVL, horizontal ≥ 460 TVL

Sensitivity:                    vertical< 0.5 LUX, horizontal > 1.0 LUX

Active Pixels:                vertical 500 x 582, horizontal 765 x 582

Operating Temperature Range

0˚ C to 50˚ C (32˚ F to 122˚ F)


Our dual-camera system for coloured downhole and side-view video profile provides the best results in

  • new construction inspection to display the quality of work and offer customer assurance
  • periodical inspection to determine existing well conditions and perform preventive maintenance
  • after service inspection to verify cleaning, repairs, track well conditions and compliance
  • ground water monitoring to determine quality, mineral conditions, geological strata etc.
  • recovery of lost tools to locate and retrieve lost tools and other objects
  • pre-purchase inspection to establish well conditions at transfer of ownership