Video inspection in pipes and wells

      Through video inspection we want to ensure a completion of  cleaning works and a development of trenchless techniques, activities for which the information processed by our specialists in diagnostics are essential.
      We own video inspection equipment able to diagnose networks from Dn 40 mm to DN 2000 mm, the result being represented by a video file and a detailed report in accordance with the client’s requirements.
      The reports created by our system software include the following information:
  • Detailed description of the inspected location (city, street), type of inspection, pipe material, detailed description of manholes, etc.
  • Viewing connections by horizontal (360˚) and vertical camera rotation
  • Slope measurement
  • Inclination graph creation
  • Video recording, with possibility of storage on CD, DVD
  • Creation of multiple events, e.g. pictures with description
  • Device location and slope section distance measurement
  • Automatic generation of inspection reports with text and photos
     BIO TECH also offers video inspection services in wells, using a video system designed to take and record images in difficult conditions, water, high pressure, high temperature.