• Inspectii Video in Conducte
    Inspectii Video in Conducte

     BIO TECH Company is active in the water department since 2004. To support the public water supply and sanitation operators and water resource managers, together with the water management infrastructure, BIO TECH srl is an ARA member since 2007.

     We specialized in quality video inspections (CCTV) for pipelines and sewage networks. Our target is to detect defects and nonconformities of old sewage networks and check recently installed pipeline for the Final Acceptance of Works between Supplier and Employer.

     We use last generation equipment, systems that provide high quality images and recordings. The equipment used by the BIO TECH team of experts for video inspection of sewer networks have a usage range from 250 mm up to 2000 mm diameter.

Video pipe inspection DN250 – DN2000

Inspectii video in conducte DN250 - DN2000

Most motorized video inspection systems are complex and bulky. Many are difficult to transport, install, …

Video inspections in wells – R-Cam 1000

Inspectii video in puturi

Because a well is often a significant investment, the occurrence of a problem can have serious results …

Rehabilitation, cleaning of wells and equipment recovery 

Reabilitari, curatari si recuperari utilaje

When building a new water well (1), the tube coating, well bottom and gravel should not …